Derrick Rose is what basketball should be about

He is one of the reasons that basketball is exciting.He stated he intended to be  an all-star and he accomplished that. He stated he wanted to be the mvp of the NBA and he accomplished that. It seems what Derrick Rose is really trying to say is….Don’t bet against me! So when he states (after a loss to the 76ers) that he is going to have a breakout game soon,the only question we should ask is, Who will be the victim?

Derrick Rose is someone who every young up and coming basketball player should model their basketball personality after. He is a spiritual basketball player. He’s confident,strong,vulnerable, and an all around good man.He speaks from a humble spot in his heart and that is contagious when you are a leader.Oh and did I mention that he really has to be in the talks for top 3 point guards in the league right now. Every year he gets better as a basketball player and the stats really show that. I think what is more impressive is it seems that his basketball IQ goes up every single year. Many players are talented, but lack the basketball IQ to actually go the next level in their own game…..Blake griffin anyone.

Rose learns quickly and that is something that every great point guard needs. More than just learning quickly he is willing to do what it takes to get something done. Its only three games in the NBA 2013-2014 season and  he is struggling a little bit with his jumper,but that’s to be expected after a acl injury. Lets be serious though, before this loss to the 76ers he hit a game winning shot. It was only the second game of the season. And it was not luck that made the shot, it was D-rose being one of the best hoopers in the league. He is a special basketball player. A mix of strength and humbleness that makes him someone who has all the potential to carry his team to the NBA finals. You don’t think so…….Don’t bet against D-rose

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